When I tell you I can't rave enough about blue light glasses, I seriously need to be some company spokesperson. Since quarantine begin and my screen time increase from working from home, I was literally switching from one device to another. Back when I was working in a physical office I would often suffer from headaches, but didn't really acknowledge that it could have been from staring at the computer screen for 8+ hours. You may say what exactly is blue light, paraphrasing from google blue light is a high energy light that is emitted through devices such as cellphones, monitors, certain light bulbs and etc. Blue light is light that our eyes are sensitive to, with the use of blue light glasses it filter out the blue light thus less strain and discomfort for extend period of time. When I began working from home and of course randomly searching on Amazon I stumbled upon these stylish blue light glasses and thought to myself why not give it a try, when I tell you to this day you will find me with some sort of blue light glasses on from 8am-5pm. Also since using I've had less headaches and I really think that using these glasses help due to less strain on the eyes.

Just passing along my thoughts about blue light glasses if you were considering purchasing and If you thought do they really work. Also it has been listed that blue light glasses can factor into sleep quality and affect your sleep schedule. Have you notice staying awake late at night just looking on your phone and thinking I just can't fall asleep, you may be affecting your sleep schedule/quality with the blue light emitting from your cell phone device. I really can't say if this was a benefit for me due to I'm the type that when I'm ready to sleep that's just what I do, but it's just another option to consider. 

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Link for exact pair that I purchase: