I must admit finding the the right skincare routine can be challenging, I have spent years and lots of $$$ trying to figure out what works well with my skin concerns of having combination/oily skin. I struggle with oiliness throughout my t-zone area and deal still deal with active breakouts, with sharing my current skincare routine I have come to realization  that less is more. In the past I have used face brushes and expensive skincare only to have my skin more irritated by harsh products and my breakout being more active from stripping my skin of all oils trying to prevent oiliness. The products that I have use are very affordable and the majority can be found at supermarket/drugstore.  As a disclaimer use my suggestions in your own way to find out what works well with your skin, dermatology is not my expertise, but I love to share what works for me and if you have the same skincare concerns, these products may work for you 

A M Routine:

PM Routine:
2x Per Week 
(alternate between the two)

With the use of these products I have been able to keep my breakouts to a minimum and my hyperpigmentation spots/acnes scars are fading. 
If you have any skincare favorites that are a must have for you please comment below, I would love to hear them.