Sharing my secret to editing my instagram photos ...

Today I'm sharing how I edit my instagram photo's using only 3 apps! I swear these are the only 3 apps I use to edit my photos and the majority of all my photos are edited on my iPhone.

My original unedited photo
Camera used was a Cannon Rebel T7i 

Step 1: 

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor App

First, I start in the Adobe Lightroom photo editor app, this app gives you full control over your photo by adjusting pretty much any setting to give the photo the tone and look of your desire. App features are adjusting by curves, color mixer, clarity, texture and dehaze. Another feature that you may have heard about throughout social media are presets, in which  presets are predefined settings to be use at any time with any photo. You can create your own preset or there are multiple platforms that offer presets for purchase such as Etsy. For my photo's I manually edit the settings, no preset is used.

Photo Edited in the Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor App

Step 2:
Adobe Photoshop Fix App

My next step is using Adobe Photoshop Fix App to remove items such as the light switch and the wreath hanger on my door. My purpose is that I don't want to draw the eye to any distracting items in the background, with Adobe Photoshop Fix it allows you to use features such as heal, smooth, liquify, lighten and other editing adjustments.

Step 3: 
Facetune App

My last step is using the Facetune App, with this app I only really use the whiten feature for my background and pearly whites , the detail feature for makeup and jewelry . Lastly the smooth feature for any blemishes. Yes, I don't want any pimples to show. This app is essentially another photo editor, that gives you the ability to prefect smiles, enhance skin, penetrate eyes, hair salon, reshape facial structure, vivid makeup,  and other photo enhancements that can basically change you, but let's not do that. Only use this app with a light touch, too much and it starts to get crazy really quickly!

There you have it.

Those are my instagram photo secrets, if you use any other photo editing apps are a must have please comment below and enter you instagram handle, let 's help each other out.