Working out at home can be challenging at times, here are six home fitness tips that have helped me along the way .....

Tip 1: 
Workout Clothes 
Set out your workout clothes the night before or morning of to get into the headspace that you will be working out today. No excuses everything is set and ready for a workout. 

Tip 2:
Type of Workout & Workout Equipment Needed 
Do a  workout that you will enjoy and make it fun, there are various workouts that can be found online these days. I normally complete my workout by viewing on Youtube, accounts that I follow are Fitness Blender, PopSugar Fitness and Boho Beautiful. 
The benefit is that you can pick a workout that is best for you and you can explore other workouts between Cardio, HIIT,  Yoga, Zumba, you name the internet has it. Also checked for workouts that mention no equipment required or if you have equipment at home you can search for workouts that use the same equipment you already own.

Tip 3: 
Music Playlist / Podcast 
Play your favorite music playlist or create a workout playlist. I created my own workout playlist on Apple Music but you can create your own playlist on any music streaming service. Spotify is free and allows creations of playlist or follow an existing playlist. Also listening to a podcast can be fun, catchup on your latest podcast and next thing you know your workout  is completed and you're all caught up on your latest podcast series.

Click below for my workout playlist (Apple Music)

Tip 4:
Accountability Partner 
Tell a friend or find a workout partner whom is on a similar fitness plan as yourself, also there are facebook groups whom may share your same interest, join a group that is motivational and encouraging. Sharing your workout intentions with like minded individuals or groups can really inspire you to stick with it. 

Tip 5:
Set Intentions
Plan your workout intentions, for example Week 1 set a goal to workout 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day. Week 2 workout 4 times a week for 30 minutes a day and etc. Write your intentions down in your planner or set it in your phone calendar. Plan for progress.

Tip 6:
Stay Hydrated 
Drink water throughout the day and make sure your are staying hydrated during your workouts.

There you have it my 6 Home Fitness Tips that has helped me along the way, I am not perfect at all and have made plans and fell off plans many of times, but I'm going to keep moving forward and the tips I shared are reminders for myself to stay encourage and plan for progress not perfection. If you are on a fitness journey, I am rooting for you and you can do it!