Today I'm sharing my 5 Productivity tips for working from home. 

1. Keeping Track of Time 

 Most often when working from home we lack taking proper breaks and lunches and it's easier to get burned out on the work day, that it can cause an imbalance with proper work/home life balance. Try to keep to a schedule with breaks and lunch time to ensure you are creating the necessary self care work mentality. 

2. Turn Off Distractions

Set a designated workspace, when you are in your dedicated work space get your mind focus with just that working. Turn off any distractions such as the TV, social media and limit phone distractions. If you need a little background noise, try listening to some music.

3. Get Dressed 

I know that PJ’s are so comfortable and it's an easy option, but you can also get dressed and be comfortable as well. Joggers, legging and cute loungewear is where it at in these time and there are some great affordable options, plus you never know when  the spur of the moment zoom meeting will occur. 

4. Create a Normal Bedtime and Morning Routine

Meaning  going to bed at a  decent time in order to have a productive day tomorrow. Also giving yourself enough time in the morning to go through your normal routine of getting dress and grabbing that cup of coffee, tea or water and not feeling rushed.

5. Time Blocking

This method I have been gradually moving towards especially if your work involves a lot of multi-tasking. Time blocking certain task to a specific part of the day can make the day feel more productive then just moving to different task at any given moment and then feeling like nothing was accomplished. Also I create a top 3 list for both work and home. I’m a dedicated list maker, but adding too much to your plate can easily make things overwhelming, try to sticking at least three main task for work and home .

If you have a productivity work from home tips, please share.