Hello everyone, today I'm sharing my book review of Verity by Colleen Hoover. I read this book in January to start off my 2020 reading list. This book is a suspenseful romance with a serious plot twist at the end. The book follows Lowen Crawford a less than famous author whom is presented with an opportunity to complete a book series of fame author Verity Crawford. Verity Crawford is unable to complete the book series due to injuries Verity sustain from an accident. Lowen is invited to the Crawford home a few days to look through Verity's office for notes, outlines, anything that will help assist with the series. When looking through the manuscripts of Verity Crawford journals to help her with the writing process to complete Verity's book series, she comes across a series of journals with details encounters that let's just say should have not been written about at all. During this process of discovering Verity hidden journal and reading a couple chapters Lowen debates in where she should tell Verity's husband Jeremy Crawford. Lowen is low-key developing feelings for Jeremy and feels guilty due to the circumstances of Verity. Both Lowen and Jeremy have shared issues with grief and both have been just trying to just deal with moving forward. Jeremy is caretaker to his wife Verity and they live outside the city raising their son. As days past and Lowen reads more and more into Verity hidden journals that's when things start to unravel. I really enjoyed this book, such an easy read/listen and it keeps you wondering what will happen next and then moment you thought you knew everything, you are in for a true surprise. 

Rating: ***** 4/5

If you read this book what are your thoughts? If you haven't read this book, I definitely recommend.