Getting organized for the New Year for me starts with my planner. The most current planner that I have been using is the The Happy Planner.
I have use other planners in the past such as Erin Condren which is a nice planner I really enjoyed it, but the switch to Happy Planner is based upon versatility and cost. The Happy Planner can be purchased at craft stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and also the planner can be purchased directly from the happy planner website

For 2020 I am using the Happy Planner Girl Deluxe Metal Disc 12 Month Lined Vertical Planner

I gravitated more towards this style first by the design and then the vertical layout, I figured this is a linear way for me to plan my day. As you navigate in the planner each month starts with a section for monthly goals, important dates, and a write it down note section. 

 Then you have the full month view layout 

 Followed by the weekly vertical layouts 

The one feature that I like regarding the Happy Planner is the round disc which makes removing and reinserting pages easy, and with optional additional inserts that you can purchase for your planner makes this planner fully customizable.

Tips For Using A Planner 

  • Find your style - Look for a planner that fits your schedule whether that is a vertical layout, horizontal layout, dashboard layoutdated pages or undated pages, there is no right or wrong way to style your planner. The main key is to look for a system that you think will work best for your use. The last thing you want to do is to purchase a planner that doesn’t work for you and then feel overwhelm thus not using and now it’s just an empty notebook. 

  • Have fun designing your planner, I'm not saying to go out and buy a bunch planner stickers (yes this is a thing), but make it you whether that's doodling, adding your own pictures, and other DIY that states YOU ! You don’t have to always spend more money.

  • Create a routine now that you purchased your planner, yes you want to use it, so set a time or part of the day in which you use your planner. You can end your day writing in your planner  preparing for the next day or you start the day writing in your your planner. 

Here's to happy planning! 
Leave a comment of what is your preferred way of planning 

Until the next post